Flowers for Days

Last year in my garden, I had 2 marigold plants. That’s all I had for flowers. It kind of made me sad. So this year I decided to go all out on the flowers. (not actually)  I had a box of 1000 zinnias, marigolds And shasta daisies along with a bunch of other random seeds (bachelor buttons, yarrow, cosmos, etc)
Unfortunately, the weeds sort of took over a lot of where I had planted them. Or so I thought. I started weeding the area and discovered Tons of zinnias! There’s a few bachelor button plants, some cosmos, and some yarrow and likely (hopefully) a few other plants yet to come up. Not the best turn out, but I am not complaining. 
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Purification Essential Oil

I live on a ranch. And I quite enjoy it. Except now. When there’s no cows around, and in their place, times fifty million, is flies. A ridiculous amount of flies that bring out a violent side to me. A side I never knew even existed. We also live in an {amazing} apartment in the corner of my inlaws shop, which my husband built. The flies swarm our door, and then buzz right in whenever that door is opened. The other day we were gone nearly all day. When we came home, we both noticed that there weren’t many flies outside our door. (aside from the ones all stuck to those nasty dirty fly tapes) I thought that the day had come: no more flies. I happened to look up on our ceiling and noticed all the flies on the ranch hanging out on the ceiling. Our vaulted ceiling which we can only reach so far to kill. And then they were hanging on the pendant lights and the cable railing we have. We both went to work killing flies. I would say we killed “most” of them. I wake up in the morning and they must have mass reproduced over night. Another army of flies.
Long story short: ranches bring in the most unwanted of insects. House flies, deer flies, horse flies, and mosquitos. All which are out at all hours of the day. I spend most of my day out in my garden, and it is hot here. Wearing bug spray is an option but i’d likely just sweat it off.  I could wear pants, a long sleeved shirt and a face mask, but then i’d just sweat to death. Instead, I just deal with the insane amount of itchiness these bites leave me.
This brings me to the title of this post…purification oil! It’s been a life saver lately! I know you can mix up purification with other oils and make a spray out of it (which I’ve done/tried) but then again I just sweat it off or would need way too much to control these little pesky biters! Instead, I put up with the bites during the day, and after I’ve had my much needed shower, I mix some purification with coconut oil and put on my legs (which seem to get the most bites).  It helps! It really really does.
This summer, I’ve hardly touched the oils much to be honest. I spend most time outside, and outside makes you healthy! Mentally insane because of the bugs, but physically healthy! However, purification is one oil I sure have seemed to be using a lot lately.

My (other) uses of purification:
-put on bug bites
-put on cuts+scrapes to prevent infection and heal up a little quicker
-as a bug repellent (in most areas, unless you’re on a ranch surrounded by poop from 200 cows)
-purifies the air or something else (like a garbage can)
-sore throats-put a few drops on sides of throat
-help with acne-apply diluted or straight
-helps kill germs

This is just a few of the many uses of the purification oil. It smells so refreshing! It is a blend of lemongrass, citronella, rosemary,melaleuca (tee tree), lavendin, and myrtle. It lately has seemed to be the first oil I go to for cuts, scrapes and bites. All which seem to occur to me daily.
If you have any more question regarding this wonder oil, or any other oils, leave a comment, or send an email.  jn13smith @ gmail. com
slight exaggeration may have occurred regarding the bug situation. But just ever so slight.