New Blog!

I have decided (once again) to start back blogging! However, I HATED working with blogger when it comes to uploading pictures. (Am not sure if this is any better, but I sure hope so!) If you wish to se any older posts, they will be at 

Spring wildflowers

My posts will likely be a lot of garden related things, considering that’s what I spend most of my day doing! I have a 2500sqft garden (+/-), 16 chickens, 2 roosters, and a 400sqft house! 
I feel that this blog will be about homesteading, growing our own food, and ranching. We live on my inlaws ranch in SE Montana and you never know what tomorrow will bring!
We were back home (northern BC, Canada) for 2.5 weeks at the end of June. I knew my chickens would start laying, Just because we were gone! And sure enough they did. Now i’m getting 5-6 a day, so the numbers keep on increasing! 

We had gotten 3 days of rain while we were gone. My garden went from the few green spots to WEEDS galore! I spent 11 days weeding, (still not Fully finished) to find the plants hidden in the garden. And one snake, which I HATE. It was another incentive to get those weeds out; no snakes or toads lurking in the weeds waiting to jump out at you! IMG_8769 

A little before and after picture. I am growing corn, tomatoes ,potatoes, peppers, lettuce, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, brocaflower, zuchinni, summer, and acorn squash, like 10 carrots (thanks to the weeds taking over them) onion, beans, 4 peas, raspberries and strawberries, and have replanted some cucumbers in hopes they will come up! IMG_8770  


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