Feathered Friends Friday

I wasn’t going to be one to name my chickens. After all, I had started out with 22, and i’m not That crazy.  However, there are some that just need a name. The ones that look way different than the others, or act weird/different.  Meet Nosy Nancy! Such a nosy little chicken. If i’m cleaning their coop, (and they’re locked out) she sits outside the door/fence clucking or making some weird chicken noise which I can’t replicate. If she is out of their area, (they’re half free ranging. There are cow panels on one side of the run which they could easily go through but their bird brains haven’t figured that out; just the area on the sides) thanks to Rosco the bad Rooster, when I come towards her, she just full on Waddles/runs towards me! Every time. Or if I go into the run, she hovers around my ankle. The other day, the bad rooster had brought some chickens right to my garden, so we walk back and she had to keep running to keep up with me. Um ok. Her and little Kerfuffles (silkie) are always the last ones to go to bed. I come out, walk behind them, they go up their ramp, and go roost. It’s like they need to be personally escorted to bed!
So we think she suits her name quite well; Nosy Nancy. Always has to be where You are!  IMG_8965


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