Essential Oils

First of all, I will not be posting a Ton about essential oils.  My blog is aimed to be about my life, and not a website trying to promote oils! It bothers me when people are too pushy about something they are passionate about. I believe there is a fine line between sharing what you know and pushing what you know. I am one of those people who if someone is constantly trying to push their business, belief etc on me, I run the other way!

I am a distributor for Young Living essential oils. All this merely means is that I can get oils at wholesale price (24% of retail) and the only mandatory thing is is that I have to order $50 a year. Easy peasy.
When I signed up to be a distributor, I wasn’t even aware that I could make money at it as well. Obviously that’s a bonus! Lately, Jed and I have been talking about our future. We have dreams, hopes and plans, but like everything else in life, it comes down to the cost, money, and bills which we can’t avoid! I don’t work right now, and love that I don’t have to. However, any extra income will just bring us closer to our plans and dreams. Because of where we live, there aren’t very many places I would work. (picky, I know)…Well,  I could always work as a cashier with teenagers at the local IGA….
No thanks.
Anyways, I have decided to really try and focus more on the essential oils and sharing how much I use them and how much they really do help.  I find that essential oils are beneficial in so so many ways. From cooking, to cleaning, to replacement of medicines, to fixing rashes, bug bites, etc.
I will be posting a post a week about my favourite oil. Or maybe my currently most used oil. I’m hoping that by sharing how I use the oils that they can be a benefit to someone down the road.
I have set up a separate instagram account, sharing how I use essential oils. That is mrandmrsjsmith if you care to follow!



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