Chokecherry Picking

The other day I went out to Jed’s grandparents and picked chokecherries! I’ve never had a chokecherry and don’t think I’ve even seen one. I had no clue they were so little. Maybe that’s why no one wanted to come pick with me! I had brought my two trugs I had got from Lee Valley, and LOVE. I had originally thought I could pick two trugs full. But that was before I saw how small they were!



I ended up getting one trug full. Well, a few inches from the top. I brought them home and then Danelli and I cleaned them up. “wash them, shake them, rinse them, dump them”




I then went to work starting to make jelly and syrup! I boiled them for maybe 20mins or so, and then mashed them in cheesecloth. I didnt have a masher at the time but just got one so hopefully it works better! The jelly I made, actually turned out to be syrup, (didn’t set, yet) but I have ordered more pectin from amazon, so will go to work this coming week making syrup and Maybe jelly!






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