Sunday Snaps

In case it isn’t evident, I spend a Ton of time out in my garden! Therefore I am always checking the plants to see new growth and new changes.
Today however, we went up to MC until the afternoon. And of course once we got home, I went straight to my garden! I discovered 4 more red strawberries! Seems like I leave my garden for a longer period of time and everything changes!!

The corn is almost taller than me! Or some is. I am growing some blue ornamental corn so it’s a fair bit shorter.

I have two tomatoes which are going red! I swear yesterday one was a lot paler than the other but today it seems to have caught up!


My strawberry planter is filling out. I had I think 2 strawberry plants die. Depending on how they do over the winter, I may turn it into a huge flower planter next year!!

And of course Nosy Nancy the hen was glad to see me.

I have a gorgeous concrete floor in our house (kitchen, living room, pantry/closet/storage/laundry room.) Unfortunately, I’ve come to the realization that standing too much on the floor gives me nasty headaches. I finally got one of those super nice gel mats. So excited for it! Especially since tmrw I will be busy making chokecherry syrup!


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