Lemon Essential Oil

I just love lemon. Such a cheery, happy smell with endless, and I mean endless uses! I use it in cooking, smoothies, juices, boost immune system, take adhesive off, a drop in water, etc etc.

-For cooking, smoothies, juices, etc, it’s pretty self explanatory. Depending on what you’re cooking, or how strong you like it, you just go by taste. I’ve used a couple drops of lemon oil in a marinade or on fish in place of lemon juice.
-mix a drop of lemon with your produce washing water to help the produce last longer
-add as a flavour to lemon cookies, meringue, icing, etc

-a drop to your feet or in a capsule can help boost your immune system
-mix 2-3 drops in every glass of water you drink for a gentle detox
-lemon diffused helps uplift moods!
-a drop in hot or cold water helps sooth a sore throat
-a drop mixed with a cleanser helps promote healthier skin
-detoxifies your body
-fights food poisoning

-use 1-3 drops to remove gum, oil, grease spots, glue, crayon etc from most surfaces
-put 3-7 drops on a cotton ball and place into a vacuum bag to refresh the air
-add 2-3 drops to water and spray on counters to sterilize them
-add 2-3 drops to floor washing water for fresh smelling air

Not only is this oil fairly cheap, it has endless uses! I love citrus for diffusing as it smells delicious and purifies the air!!



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