Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender has been one smell that I’ve never ever really liked. However, when it comes to the Young Living Lavender Essential Oil, I make myself tolerate it! It has many many different uses from the little bottle. I use it primarily for sunburn, or cuts/wounds. However, a friend of mine shared how she used it on a dog and a steer!
Their neighbour had to take the dog into the vet, and the dog has Never enjoyed car rides and was going physco so they diffused some lavender in the room the dog was and it worked! Calmed the dog right down. 
And then this friend, her son has a steer in the fair. The steer is quite the ornery fellow, and when the boy was showing the steer (2.5 hrs long!) he was getting Extremely frustrated because the steer was being itself. For the next showing they put some lavender on/under the steer’s nose and it stood completely still and was great! The judges said that it was one of the best behaved steers in that show! 
Lavender is known for being a calming and relaxing oil. It is often recommended to diffuse before/during the night, especially on children that are restless or just won’t calm down. If a few drops of lavender can calm a 1500lb+steer down, imagine how calm it can make a wild, riled up child!! 




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