I don’t always take pictures of the food we eat, but when we do it’s because i’m proud of it! We’ve had a few meals where Everything is home grown…potatoes, tomatoes, zucchini from the garden and beef from the pasture! 


For some reason, I’ve never made pizza before! Well, I made it once with a cauliflower crust but never a real pizza crust. Jed said that “this is the best home made pizza I’ve ever had”. Enough said! 
IMG_9643 IMG_9647

My wife meals: Jed was working late one night so I made myself some peach salsa with cinnamon sugar tortilla chips! By wife lunch, it just means that there is no visible piece of meat in it.
I also made sauteed zucchini in coconut oil with grated beets, garlic and some s+p. My favourite!

 IMG_9688 IMG_9694

I don’t always make bread, but when I do it NEVER turns out like this. I was so so so proud of myself. I can bake with no problems. However, making bread (yeast breads) I just haven’t had the luck on my side yet. This however was a complete success! The cooked bread was HUGE!
IMG_9781 IMG_9782 IMG_9783 IMG_9784


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