My Morning Battle

Lately, (a month+ now) Jed has been leaving for work an hour earlier. Which means I’m up an hour earlier. 5:40 to be exact.
I’ve always always been a morning person, but after a while, I think it wears on me. Or I’m fine until 9-9:30 pm and Then I’m ready to sleep. I’ve never been a napper until I realized just how nice a morning nap actually is. Then I became a napper.
But at the same time, mornings are also my favourite. I love being in the garden while it’s still and quiet out. The sun is just rising (more recently) and it’s just perfect. The chickens scratch around and bathe in their dirt and my chickens are more active in the morning than during the heat of the day obviously.

The problem though is that I like that little morning nap but I also like being in my garden and being outside. Every morning I can’t decide whether I should nap or get going. I love being able to come in at 9 and my garden has been watered, weeded and checked on! But I also love that refreshing deep sleep.

The garden I can enjoy in the morning


Option 1: The bed I can enjoy with a duvet cover way too big than the duvet, a noisy AC above my head and towels and tinfoil to fill in the small gaps so bugs don’t get in around the AC
Option 2: an extremely comfy for napping, uncomfortable for sitting couch..Jed just woke up from an “I came home from work early so can have a nap” nap; hence the mess
Option 3: A super cool 82 year old reupholstered giraffe couch which has no legs so is nice and short

Some mornings the garden wins, some mornings the bed wins, sometimes its the giraffe couch and sometimes its the napping couch. See why it’s such a tough decision?



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