Currently it’s the end of August. Can hardly believe fall is right around the corner! It was here this weekend actually. It was rainy, drizzly, and sad outside. I made soup, brought out the leggings, flannel shirt and was inspired to clean and bake! I LOVE fall. And am ready for fall, mainly because the flies need a good hard frost to destroy them. Over the last week or so, I was killing 50-100 flies a day. My cupboards and walls are nasty with fly guts. There’s not much more I hate than flies!

I left my dirty supper dishes in the sink and dragged Jed out because it was “magic lighting”. I Love this shot!

IMG_9834 IMG_9844
One morning I was in the garden and the sky was threatening to rain but the sun was still pushing through and shining. So pretty!
IMG_9848 IMG_9850

excuse the flipflops+socks. South America made that comfortable for me! (I wanted my socks on, but not boots on!)




We had been fairly certain that there was a chicken, possibly 2, laying under the coop. I was alittle hesitant of getting down on my hands and knees to search as it was filled with dried weeds, and with my luck, snakes! I manged to rake away an area and discovered a stash of eggs. 24 eggs! Bad chicken!

The next day we got 12 eggs (best so far!), and were also able to pick a zuch, tomatoes, kale, and 6 beans.



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