Winding Down




I think I love my zinnias more than daisies. Almost! Or maybe it’s just because I don’t have any daisies to look at…But they’re just so pretty and cheerful! They did so well, and everyday there are more and more blooms!

IMG_01571 IMG_01651
I had found this basket next to the burn barrel and snatched it away. It’s the perfect produce gathering basket! (Until it gets overloaded with corn and the handle breaks 😦
We had decided to pull up a beet to check them out…it was HUGE! So I got all excited to pull more up…mainly thinned them out a little and got little squirt sized ones. bleh.
We had a cool, drizzly day a while ago and I went down to the creek looking for the golf balls Jake+Jed have been hitting. The dogs came with me and had a BLAST running and chasing each other all over the hills! Can you spot Dan, the alligator?!IMG_9929

I’ve also come to love marigolds! Such a simple, hardy hardy plant which never ceases to amaze me! There are 4 plants in this planter here. HUGE! And after the last rain, they’ve grown even more!


I love this dipper gourd! There are little gourds growing (maybe an inch or two long only) but I don’t care. I’ve got this beautiful vine taking over my fence! Next year we are going to plant that whole fence in vines! IMG_9926


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