This little niece

This sweet little niece of ours is just the funnest! She LOVES the garden and will spend hours in there with me! She knows what every plant/flower/veggie in the garden is, with or without the flower bloom! Her pronunciation of them isn’t quite perfect yet, but it just makes it so much cuter!

She Loves the chickens so much. Especially little Kerfuffles. He (actually a she, but ‘he’ stuck!) is quite fast so sort of hard to catch. She can’t catch him yet but i’m often ordered to ‘get fruffles’. Once he’s got, he is very content being hugged, squeezed, petted, etc! 

 IMG_0045 IMG_0054

She loves the ‘zeenas’ as much as I do. I go and weed in there and she plays in the zeenas. Telling stories, kissing them, smelling them, finding mommy and daddy and ‘wittle wittle baby zeenas’. 



IMG_9992 IMG_0055

We may be the best of friends, but I still see the occasional, typical 2.5 year old tantrum every now and then!! 



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