Corn Harvest

I think i’m Finally done harvesting allllll my corn from the garden. I, (with help from Danelli) shucked over 100 cobs. And then I cut over 100 cobs. I think my wrist has carpal tunnel.
Jed revealed that he likes to help harvest my garden. Couldn’t get much better! It works perfect too because the corn is way over my head and makes it difficult to walk through the row without getting corn in the face!

we like our corn


Danelli is my personal slave. It’s great. She shucked that whole bucket of corn for me! She needed help with the “tail” (the corn husks). She also didn’t like the ‘hair’ and whenever she Finallllly found the corn, she would exclaim “there it is!” So much fun!

IMG_0142 IMG_0148

We got a ton of corn for the winter. I haven’t done a count yet, but there’s close to 30 bags of corn! I froze them in sandwich bags with 2 cups each (or so). We will be eating lots of corn chowder soup and throwing corn in everything!!


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