Friday Fun

Having a niece+nephew definitely comes with it’s perks. I get to go to the library for crafts and activities! I hadn’t ever stepped foot in the library until just recently, with Jessica. I found out we can download books onto our phone/ipad which is kind of sweet!
Danelli also went to the kids activity time, or whatever it’s called. She just followed the lady around the whole time. Fun watching her interact with other kids (or adults).


Making a giraffe craft to go with the giraffe book they read


Later that day, my aunt and uncle came through on their bikes along with another couple! And luckily, Jed didn’t have to work, which is rare! It was SO So good to have them stop by! We don’t get much company down here, but when we do, especially such sweet couples, we just Love it!

IMG_0274 IMG_0276


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