Last week I found some corn that had been eaten by something. A raccoon of course. So we set a trap and that morning we woke up to a coon in it! A good sized mama one I think it was.  Sassie (dog) discovered the coon in the trap, and she went up to creep on it and it hissed and lurked at her and she jumped back about 8ft and the hair on her back was all standing! So she crept more.

IMG_0422I then saw these two cats stalking my cantaloupe plant. Turns out there was a mouse hiding in there! I think they migrated to the bean teepee to hide from the dog!

IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0426
Sassie is a watcher dog. She sits under the chicken door and watches the chickens forever! She then watched the coon and started barking at it! Luckily my father in law was around (I had forgot about the trap until after Jed left for work) so he dealt with the raccoon!

And my chickens. They have the whole pasture surrounding their coop area to explore in yet need a little prompting! They’ve been exploring over there a bit more though lately.


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