So if you know me, and depending on how well you know me, you will know a few things.
1) I worked at Booster Juice (smoothie bar) for 5+ years. I love my smoothies
2) I drink a smoothie generally every day
3) because of #1, I have high standards for when it comes to the brand of blenders.
4) I’ve wanted a vitamix for quite the while

come make bread and go home with a vitamix.!

I’ve been talking about getting a vitamix. But one day. I know I would use it all the time, but once we have kids I would use it even more. (sneak spinach, kale etc into their drinks and they don’t even know).
Then there is the great vitamix vs blendtec debate. I watched many many videos/reviews on them both and one day I wanted a blendtec but then the next day I wanted a vitamix. They’re essentially both the best you can get, just one has a better feature than the other in some area or the other. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Sunday am elder here has a vitamix. She knows I love my smoothies, and we’ve talked about vitamixes off and on. Last week, she called me one morning asking if I wanted to come make bread. (I live the simple, basic life 🙂 So I went. I get to their house and there’s something covered up with a sheet in the middle of the room. She had me guess what it was. I was guessing garden potatoes, or canned goods as its that time of the year. She then tells me to look and that it was mine. So I look. It was a vitamix. I was in COMPLETE shock. Vitamixes aren’t exactly cheap, nor are they something you ‘just buy’. It wasn’t my birthday or anything! I didn’t know what to say. She told me that it’s a late wedding gift. (even though we had got a gift already). They told me they wanted to do it for a while but didn’t know how to get me to their house without being suspicious. (Because I would assume they had got me a vitamix. NOT!) I am still slightly in awe that they bought me a vitamix!
It was such an eye opener and realization of others put OTHERS first in their lives. They knew I would use it, and could use it, and they really wanted to do that for me. So I am extra loved, spoiled and lucky!


I had seen some recipes for sunbutter. (sunflower seed butter). I had all the ingredients+the vitamix so OF Course I had to make some!
Each recipe I saw was a little different. Some called for oil, some didn’t. Some called for sugar. Some didn’t. There isn’t really a recipe needed to be followed.
Roast sunflower seeds in the oven until golden, stirring periodically. Let them cool. I didn’t because I was impatient.
Throw in vitamix with pinch of salt. Start at variable 1, work your way up to 10, using tamper, and then put on high and use the tamper. I don’t have a dry blender jar so I would start and stop my vitamix so it doesn’t overheat. Depending on how you like the consistency of your sunbutter, will depend on if you add oil.

IMG_0772 IMG_0773 IMG_0774 IMG_0776 IMG_0777

2 cups of sunflower seeds equaled one little jar of nut butter! It’s super tasty on toasted english muffins and with honey. Or just straight from the jar!


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