Summer Recap

It’s hard to believe summer has already come and gone. We didn’t do a whole lot this summer. We went back home for my sisters wedding (and the other sisters grad), and then we were home for the rest of the summer. I spent most of my time, or at least a lot of my time out in the garden. My garden did so good this year! Makes me have even more hope for next year! All it takes is time, patience and perseverance! Last year my garden did just ok. Maybe not even ok. This year it was a huge success! SO much corn, tomatoes and peppers. Beans were few, and we got enough potatoes to last for a month or so. My flowers just made me happy everyday. My little niece Danelli was my garden helper. Actually. Everyday we would go check the zeenas, matoes, tatoes, corn, bean teepee, cosmos, and squashes! She was such a fun little tag along in the garden.
Enjoy all the pictures!

PicMonkey Collage
She LOVES the chickens. Especially Kerfuffles
I’ve discovered the fun and joy in canning! I canned some {garden} beets, peach jam and just froze peach syrup!
chickens slowly discovering the whole pasture of greenness behind their area
Devils Tower WY We went that direction for union mtg so stopped and walked around the tower on our way back
We discovered some corn being eaten in the garden…a coon! We set the trap and that very night a coon was captured. The dog wasn’t quite sure about it!
I took many many flower pictures this summer. I just Love flowers!
Some of the produce this year; tomatoes, beets, zucchini, summer+acorn squash, corn, a few strawberries, brussel sprouts, potatoes, few carrots, onions, 6 raspberries, peppers {cayenne, jalapeno, bell peppers}, lettuce, spinach, kale, beans, broca flower, watermelon+cantaloupe
nothing beats homegrown
I have 16 hens, 2 roosters. Some days are busier than others in the nesting boxes. I’ve got as many as 16 eggs one day. We have to put a light in the coop so they have their 14 hrs of light in order to lay. Then I should hopefully be getting more than 6-9 eggs a day!
Went for a drive/walk through some of the area around us our last hot day! (35C)
Black sky+setting sun=gorgeous
Top left: garden once I had recently sown+planted everything Top right: a few weeks later while we were gone for 3 weeks…3 days of rain+heat=a garden TAKEN over by weeds. It was insane. Bottom left: all weeded bottom right: mid-end summer

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