Kitchen Backsplash

We (as in Jed) finally got some kitchen backsplash in! We hadn’t ever had any, and it wasn’t really something I was constantly peskering Jed to put in. He had an idea of which style/colour he wanted. We were at Home Depot and they had some; black marble. So we picked them up and Jed installed them not too long after.

IMG_0935 IMG_0937
We had debated between black or white grout. We both knew either would look great. I”m glad we went with white; it makes it pop and ties the backsplash in with the cupboards!




We are quite happy with how it turned out. I love now that I can wipe the walls much easier! Before, it was nearly impossible to wipe stains off a textured wall. I’m so grateful I have a husband who can do all these sorts of things in our house!

*I will do a post one of these days of our 400sqft house that my husband designed/made!


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