Bloom Where You’re Planted

Where I am now in life, I definitely did not see coming at all! I never once had a ‘vision’ of where I would end up in life. I still don’t. I’ve always been the kind of person who just tends to let life happen and go with the flow.
It started as a 6 month adventure backpacking across South America. I remember telling my mom that I “am not, will not am not going to fall in love with an Ecuadorian” (I spent 3 months there total). Well. I didn’t. Didn’t fall in love with an Ecuadorian but fell in love with an American who I met in Ecuador! Funny how life has it’s own plans for us.
I didn’t even know where exactly in USA Montana was. I mean really, there are 50 states to keep track of. Turns out Montana is quite likely the most similar food, life, mannerisms, weather, etc to Canada, more or less of course.
Even when I came back home from SA, and Jed went back to his home, I still never thought that I would end up in a town of 400 people, thousands and thousands of cows, and a lifestyle that is just simple.

making friends

A town where a majority of the vehicles are feed trucks with shovels, buckets and who knows what else, rattling on the back. Where they drive slower than a turtle, just in no hurry to get anywhere. Where everyone knows everyone;  If they don’t know me or Jed, they know Bob (father in law). Where everyone says hi to each other at the store. Where you wave at every oncoming vehicle and know nearly every driver too. Where older gentleman take off their hat when they are introduced to a female. Where the Fedex man recognizes your vehicle in town so leaves your parcel in the car. Where there are more cows than people. A town where even if you don’t know everyone, they all act like they still know you. This town has grown on me.

When we were back home in Canada in July, it was so good to be back home. The familiar places and running into familiar faces. But it was near the end of the trip that I realized that home is no longer that place up north. Home is down here in Montana where Jed and I have made it home. Yes, I will Always love being back home in BC, and consider it my ‘home’  but the best home is down here; where we’ve made home to be.

with Fredina+Kerfuffles

It is here that I’ve learned how much I seriously Love gardening and being outside. I have my garden. My chickens. Had some bum lambs. I have all these things which take me outside, away from my phone, computer, etc. Away from ‘life’ and back to the basics.

We are on the family ranch which means cows are a huge part of our life. During calving, life is just busy. All bundled up to feed, then check cows, then weigh and tag calves, inside for a bit, then back outside to check again. Routine much goes out the window. Nothing quite beats watching the relationship between a moments old calf and the new mom. I don’t think I will ever tire of watching that.

checking cows

Somehow, this has become my life. Our life. Our cozy little house inside the shop and the endless hills and cloudless skies outside. My 18 chickens which some have names, and some have very defined personalities. The one chicken who runs (ok, waddles) towards me every time she sees/hears me. The other chicken who has figured out that when I feed them corn, some always drops on the other side of the fence so she flies over to catch them.
My two little bum lambs I had which knew my voice out of all the voices, and knew my voice when they couldn’t even find me. Those lambs who I bottle fed 5x a day at first, and once they learned to escape, those lambs had come through an opened door in the shop and pawed at our house door baaing for me.
It’s here that I’ve learned I have this hippy side in me slowing inching its way out. The whole grow your own garden, raise your own eggs (not chicken; yet!) raise your own beef, make your own meals, cookies, bread, (ok, not very often!) yogurts, sauces, using essential oils instead of advil, drugs, etc,etc. There is something incredibly rewarding about using all home grown ingredients for a meal. Or using natural products that don’t have any side effects, or chemical smells. It’s just these little simple things that have totally grown on me.

Quite the ‘deep’, unlike me post here, BUT, for some reason I’ve been thinking lots about all this lately. Just how much I really do love this life that i’m living. I love how coming here has really shown me who I really am. A gardening, canning, weeding, food preservation, dog loving, chicken crazied, cooking, baking, essential oil freak!
Someone once mentioned the phrase “Bloom where you’re planted” and this has Completely stuck with me. No matter where we end up, make it a home, and make the best out of it!

pulling weeds with my lambs, for my chickens, from my garden; my summer days

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