Etsy Shop-JedSmithFineArt

For those who do not know, I married an artist.  A very good artist.  I don’t know much about art myself, but what I do know is that Jed’s paintings are good. Extremely good. Talent that should be in other peoples houses rather than in boxes.
Doing art is extremely hard to live off of. Because of this, Jed does construction, but his heart is really in doing art. It is a hard mix to try and balance out.
He recently made an etsy account and posted a few of his pieces on there. It’s a small start. We hope to get his art into galleries, and just get ‘out there’. But, etsy is a start. A start we can do from our house and eventually lead to more. And hopefully, one day, lead to Jed doing for a living; not just in his spare time, but in all his time. (in moderation, of course!)

How etsy works when it comes to selling/promoting art, is by receiving hits. A hit is when someone looks at your store, and more specifically, your particular piece of artwork. The more hits/views you get, the more promoted your artwork is and the more hits you get, the higher chance you have of your art being bought! Therefore, you need lots of hits or views in order for your art to be found more easily.

What we are hoping is that we can get our friends and family to look at our etsy shop ( to help promote Jed’s art.
Please help us out and check out Jed’s artwork. Share with your friends, and check back frequently as Jed is planning on making some picture frames to go with some plein-airs.

these are just a couple of what is up on the etsy shop. Please check out:

Morning News-oil on canvas
Paint it Black-oil on canvas




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