Edmonton Visit

And once again, the blog has been neglected! Guess we got busy with life! We went up to Edmonton to renew my passport and see some family and get a touch of civilization which reminded both of us that we are not made for the city lifestyle!
Actually, on our way up, were at an intersection, and it was a fairly big and busy intersection and we both made the comment that we were dizzy because of all the traffic coming and going.. You know you’re from the hicks when…. 
It was fun to be able to zip to Lowes or zip to Safeway, or Ikea, or somewhere to eat, but I realized that I couldn’t live there (or any city for that matter). Too busy, too much going on and so. much. rush rush rush! I’m quite thankful for my little house on the ranch away from the little town, my big garden and flock of chickens!


We loved seeing little sweet Sophia. (and the rest of the family, but lets face it: cute little toddler baby nieces are much more fun and entertaining than us adults!). She is such a ham and such a happy and obedient child. I worked on becoming the favourite aunty, again. (We hadn’t seen each other in a while so my favourite aunty status needed rekindling). I think we are back on track.


Before we left for Canada, we had been having a gorgeous fall. Endless sunshine and warmish days! Seems like we brought Canadian weather back home with us. We got the snow+wind and colder temperatures. But I’m ready for winter.
Jed hasn’t worked much right now, so we’ve been getting lots of little things done and organized. Jed put a bunch of his art up on etsy. Please go check it out!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JedSmithFineArt?ref=search_shop_redirect

New closet organization!  We have So much winter stuff its ridiculous. We both bought a fair amount of alpaca winter clothes while we were in Ecuador so we can Never get rid of it! We have winter gear for calving, winter gear for just being outside, winter gear for Jed when he works and who knows what else! Needless to say, I’m Loving more organization and less stuff on the floor.



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