Mornings on the Ranch

I’ve come to just love mornings here on the ranch. If you know me, I’ve always been a morning person, but since being here in Montana, I’ve come to really appreciate the mornings.
During the summer I found it was the best time to be in the garden. Best time to water, and check out the growth. The bugs {usually} weren’t around yet, the air was still calm and quiet and the sun wasn’t too hot.

IMG_1921 IMG_1922

Now that winter has arrived, the cows are frosty, the air is brisk and the ground is sparkling. The sun is shining bright and the chickens are exploring around.
Unfortunately, the best time to be outside in the morning often seems to be when Jed is eating breakfast. What usually tends to happen is I make his breakfast and while he is eating I head outside for a few minutes.

exploring and scratching for corn
Nosy Nancy


Chickens seeking the morning warmth


The dogs have been sleeping in the shop lately so when I go to let my chickens out or give them fresh water, the dogs come with me. Dan goes straight for the heifers who are patiently waiting for food, and Sassie goes straight to her chickens to make sure they’re all ok. Now that the heifers are getting fed right close to the house, she gets a little distracted and goes to hide and creep on them.



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