Golden Hour

I’ve always loved the golden hour. But then who doesn’t! Since I’ve been married and living down here, and unemployed, I generally am around when the sun is going down. However, in the summer it’s usually when I”m making supper or we are just about finished! I did leave the house many times with a messy kitchen, to go snap pictures of that golden hour.
Now that we are in winter, the golden hour is around 3:30-4:30 or so. I’ve been doing lots of walks with the dogs and try to plan it so we get back to the lot when it’s extra beautiful out!


The 3 dogs here LOVE going for walks. We have tons of sand rock on the hills which is where rabbits like to live, and the dogs know that. They love climbing the hills sniffing out rabbits.
A pink rubber chicken usually is on every walk with us. They get bored of it once they discover that we aren’t just playing with the rubber chicken, but going for a long walk to nowhere. That means I get stuck carrying the slobbery rubber chicken.


2 of the dogs are siblings and the other isn’t a sibling. So the siblings play very good (well if you call dog snarling and jumping a ‘good’ play) while the other dog just runs around them and with them excitedly.  It’s quite entertaining to watch this trio of dogs as they all have their little ‘things’ that they do…Sassie is the only dog who’ll bring the rubber chicken back to me, while Dan (the two siblings) runs at Sassie, and fights her for the chicken, and Izzy just runs around and is fascinated watching them two!

Black and white version of the sunset. I just love this simple little photo. Some people say where we live is boring (I come from trees all around me). But look hard enough and you’ll see the beauty. 


Recent Eats

I was going through the pictures on my phone and realized that a lot of them were food. Surprise surprise. With colder days, and thanksgiving around, lots of extra baking went on!
I had made a lemon cheesecake for thanksgiving and made the mistake of letting Jed see it a few days before we were to eat it and he was all pouty because I wouldn’t let him eat it. So made him a Banana pudding cheesecake to stop the pouts!
This recipe can be found here

Jed’s Banana cheesecake pie

I’ve been making yogurt ever since we got married. Each time I do something different and it turns out a little different. Runnier, thicker, weird consistency, etc. This time It turned out absolutely perfect!


For thanksgiving this year, we joined Jake+Jessica as her whole family came down. I made a lemon cheesecake, cranberry jello salad, mashed potatoes, the turkey, and the stuffing! I normally don’t like stuffing but quite liked the one I made!

IMG_2093 IMG_2118

And of course the leftovers. In love with turkey cranberry sandwiches. Especially on fresh bread!


And lastly. A mini pumpkin pie! My father in law wanted pumpkin pie for thanksgiving but we already had 2 cheesecakes and about 4 pies. I had just pureed a bunch of pumpkin so decided I might as well make one for him! I had a little leftover batter so made ourselves a mini pie!