Keeping Healthy with Essential Oils

When fall rolls around , we all know that means germs and sicknesses won’t be far behind.  Luckily, we have been sick free this fall/winter and I’m not actually sure when we were last sick.  Jed has felt a cold coming on more than I have mainly because who he works with has kids that go to school, and that’s where the germs all meet, I swear!
How we’ve kept sick-free for the last long while is mainly thanks to our essential oils. Your diet and lifestyle and how often you get fresh air definitely affects how healthy you are, in my opinion, and for my own self. I go outside multiple times a day and we eat reasonably healthy.   But despite this, germs can slither on in, and when they do, we start taking vegetable capsules which have some lemon, thieves and oregano essential in them.  Jed now asks for a ‘sick pill’ when he feels a bug coming on, or if he’s been around people who have been sick. We also put thieves, lemon and oregano on the bottom of our feet as your feet have the largest pores which absorbs the oils into your system very quickly.
There are lots of other oils to use to help boost your immune system. I mostly use the following three, but sometimes alternate with clove or cinnamon too.


Lemon: lemon is so good to use when you’re sick, or better yet, to prevent from getting sick! Lemon is a great detoxer. It aids in detoxing the kidneys and and digestive system. Lemon boosts your immune system as well. Overall, lemon is a super good detoxer. It aids in getting rid of any access and unnecessary toxins that accumulate in our bodies.

Oregano: When we first think of oregano, we think of a cooking spice, at least I do. Oregano is much much more than a spice. I’m talking about the essential oil of oregano which is antiviral, antibacterial, and immune system boosting. It is traditionally used for respiratory and sinus issues and as well as a germ fighter against parasites, colds and flu.

Thieves Blend: Thieves is a blend consisting of lemon, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon and rosemary. It has been described as a miracle blend, and I do believe that! If there were only one oil to have, thieves would be it. It has been said it can kill 99% of airborne bacteria. I actually proved that back in grade 3. (That’ll be another story). It has been proved to be highly anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic. It strengthens the major systems of the body including immune, digestive, and respiratory.

Combine these 3 oils and you’ve got a fairly strong immune system, germ fighting combination going on. I put 5 or so drops of each oil in an empty vegetable capsule and then just take like a vitamin.
We also like to diffuse these, specifically lemon and thieves, put on our feet, or add to hot water for a thieves+lemon tea.
Thanks to using these oils regularly, we haven’t been sick for a long time and sure hope to keep it this way!


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