Recent Eats

I was going through the pictures on my phone and realized that a lot of them were food. Surprise surprise. With colder days, and thanksgiving around, lots of extra baking went on!
I had made a lemon cheesecake for thanksgiving and made the mistake of letting Jed see it a few days before we were to eat it and he was all pouty because I wouldn’t let him eat it. So made him a Banana pudding cheesecake to stop the pouts!
This recipe can be found here

Jed’s Banana cheesecake pie

I’ve been making yogurt ever since we got married. Each time I do something different and it turns out a little different. Runnier, thicker, weird consistency, etc. This time It turned out absolutely perfect!


For thanksgiving this year, we joined Jake+Jessica as her whole family came down. I made a lemon cheesecake, cranberry jello salad, mashed potatoes, the turkey, and the stuffing! I normally don’t like stuffing but quite liked the one I made!

IMG_2093 IMG_2118

And of course the leftovers. In love with turkey cranberry sandwiches. Especially on fresh bread!


And lastly. A mini pumpkin pie! My father in law wanted pumpkin pie for thanksgiving but we already had 2 cheesecakes and about 4 pies. I had just pureed a bunch of pumpkin so decided I might as well make one for him! I had a little leftover batter so made ourselves a mini pie!



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