Our 400sqft House

For those who don’t know, we live in a little 400sqft house (with a loft) in the corner of my inlaws shop. It’s extremely open and perfect for us right now. When Jed first began building it, I only cared about 2 things (well, this is what I think. Jed may think there was a lot more than 2 things I had my opinions about!) I needed natural light and a kitchen I could actually work in. (Meaning more than 1ft of counterspace).

When you think of a little house, they are often small, cramped and not much daylight. Ours is the complete opposite. Thanks to the vaulted ceiling (about 16ft at top), our house is far from cramped! Unless we have a ton of people over, obviously.
We have a 5 foot wide window and then a smaller 2×3′ one. With those two windows, I generally don’t have to have any lights on until late afternoon. We get so much sun here that these windows definitely heat up the house! We got some insulated blinds which do Wonders in the summer!

Jed did our whole house Himself. Design, built, painted, even the decor! He’s most definitely the most talented person ever.
Our house is absolutely perfect for the two of us. Gets cozy if you have extra company, but for just the two of us, it’s all we need. We don’t know where life will lead us, so don’t know

Jed designed our house with his wheat field painting and chair painting in mind. they’re about 5 feet tall so can’t exactly go up just anywhere! {All the rest of the paintings/prints are his too}


We more recently added more storage under the stairs. We kind of have a lot of toques, and winter clothes, and they needed a spot. I’ve learned that being on a ranch, you don’t just have A winter coat. You have a dressy winter coat, a calving winter coat, a work coat that won’t be getting wet calf on you, and then cooler coats etc! Same applies for mittens, and even bibs! Jed has work ones, calf saving ones, and then just normal ones! So we needed extra space for all this gear. Drove me mad having them on the floor always!


Afternoon sun pouring in the kitchen/table area. Closet/pantry/laundry room in the left picture.
Jed also built our stairs which tend to get a lot of comments!
IMG_0775 IMG_2182

Out our bedroom window is the chicken coop and then some pasture. Right now the heifers are in there. Between the chickens, heifers and dogs, there’s always something to watch! I looooove this south facing window because in the mornings, the sun creeps on in and warms the bed! Best place to warm up!

It’s hard to get a picture of the upstairs, showing all the natural light. As you can tell, the picture on the right is from last spring, before the chicken coop got moved over there.

Our bathroom is a favourite of mine. Jed stained the floor (along with the rest of the house). He tiled the shower and put in a seat for me to sit and shave my legs and did built in shelves for shampoo/conditioner. Notice how high up the shower head is. I guess when you are tall, your head would hit most shower heads, but because Jed made/designed our house, he made the shower head up high. I can’t reach it, and I get a little trickle of water. (Ha, not!). The design on the wall was all hand painted by Jed, and a complete surprise to me!

Our bathroom is right next to the kitchen, but you just learn to deal with that.
*I was stuck in Canada waiting for my paperwork to go through while Jed was working on our house down here so I got emailed updates, but he never showed me that wall. LOVE it!*



Our wide windowsills make for perfect plant starting! I start them up on our other window as its a south facing window, and then when they get too big, they get kicked down to our west window.

Our couch and the chair were both reupholstered by our sister in law. They’re about 80 years old! New facelift that will last forever, hopefully. The chair is the absolute best. It’s worthy of its own post, so one day!


Jed made this railing upstairs. We have bookshelves on the otherside to double as a railing and then he put in this one with the cable. It also doubles as a clothesline!


And my kitchen. My lovely little kitchen where I spend a lot of time.  We just did the backsplash this fall. I liked it without it, but with it, it completes it!  I’m constantly rearranging my kitchen so it always looks just a Little bit different!

IMG_8403 IMG_0945


We really do love our little house. It’s perfect for us right now. Yes, there are days when I wish I had a dishwasher, more counterspace, etc but then you might as well have a maid, right?! We know from living here, what we will or won’t do when we build next. But until then, we are content. It’s little, it’s spacious, and it’s all we need right now. (A guestroom would be nice however!)


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