This Christmas we had my brother and family, and my sister all come down! We spent a day here at home and then went to Rapid City. Did some shopping, saw Mt Rushmore and took a pretty scenic route back home! IMG_2815IMG_2814

We feed on Saturdays, so this Saturday we had some extra help!

Up on Big Rock hill…SOO cold!

IMG_2826 IMG_2837
Sophia (and Jalena) met Nosy Nancy, the chicken, for the first time! Sophia wasn’t too sure of her!

I fed this little ham a strand of grated cheese, one at at time for about 20 minutes!

IMG_2908 IMG_2802
Sophia loves her new bike we bought her!

It was a gorgeous day to go to Mt Rushmore, but SO colder! It was cold last time we went there, but colder this time. Luckily there are inside museums and like things to see inside.


IMG_2893 IMG_2894

We loved having some company come down and visit us, as we don’t get a ton of company. One day, we will have a house to accommodate my whole family! Until then, we will cherish the time with whoever can come down and visit!


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