Recently at the Ranch

It’s hard to believe the holidays are over, and January is nearly half done. But i’m ready for spring. I’ve ordered my chicks  (25 new ones coming April 8!) and my seeds which I believe are already shipped. Now to wait for spring to actually arrive. Calving could start in less than a month so that’ll help the days go by quickly (and the nights slowly!).
Spring has got to be one of my favourite seasons, so bring it on!

We had a really nice fall here, as usual. I started going for big long walks through the pastures with 3 dogs who just Love those walks! I took Danelli out to Little Rock Hill one’s probably a good half hour walk for me, so it took us a bit longer! She’s such a trooper!


We stopped at the top for a few photos and the dogs all thought it was a great idea to take that moment to get some licks in. Dirty dogs! Also, I thrifted Danelli’s bibs+coat for $7. Love our thrift store here!

IMG_2703 IMG_2704

We went up to Baker, about 3 hours north of us, and Jed stained a concrete floor of some of our friends. I hung out and made this chunky arm blanket. Didn’t quit think it through as it’s about 2ft wide and 20ft long! It doesn’t matter so much as it’s a holey blanket so you need it folded lots! Jed likes to nap with it completely over his face ha!IMG_2987IMG_2957

The floor Jed stained. It’s a garage, has a bathroom and office area down there too and is open to the stairs which lead upstairs to the living area. Cool!

Back when I was getting more than 2 eggs a day.

This little dog is our friend and likes to come inside and visit us. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have the best house manners yet so doesn’t get to come in that often.


Mornings have come to be a favourite of mine. We can see the sunrise right out our window and have had some pretty nice ones recently. Well recently as in November/early December!

This morning when I went to let my chickens out, the sky was black, snow was falling and the sky was golden from the sun rising!

IMG_2573 IMG_2577

On Saturdays, we feed the cattle. The kids just Love coming along and seeing all the cows!

IMG_2599 IMG_2602

I had reseasoned all my cast iron which Completely smoked the house out, so had to make some bread to attempt and mask the smell!
Pretty random of things, but I’ve been keeping busy in the kitchen (as usual), outside and on colder days, been using my sewing machine. Am attempting to make a ruffled comforter out of old sheets I thrifted. Will see how well that goes!


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