This False Spring

If I didn’t know better, I would *almost* think it was March/April. This weather we’ve been having lately is just too much spring in the middle of what’s supposed to be, winter! I’m not complaining exactly, but do think I prefer ALL winter, and then ALL spring. Not winter with a month+ of spring, and then snow again.
Anyways, I’ve been loving being able to be outside. I’ve been going on walks everyday, and Jed came home early once and I even drug him out with me! 

This is our Montana Ocean. It’s actually a hay field, but is so perfectly flat, it holds water. It looks deeper than it was, of course. The dogs enjoyed going for a little wade.

And me and Nosy Nancy. She still runs allll across the lot to come see me. Sometimes it’s a problem, like if i’m surrounded by 3 dogs, or if i’m about to 

Me and Nosy Nancy. Still the tamest of them all! Also, that shirt i’m wearing was my father in laws. And he wore it in his teens. It’s a wool shirt and a great layer to add! Huge on me, but comfy+warm!


This little girl and myself went for a nice big walk the other day. It was gorgeous out..t shirt weather for me, and pajama weather for her! (I guess it was a day she didn’t want to get dressed!) She did super good on the walk, (power of distraction, I tell ya!) Just a little on the way back did she start to tire out a bit. I gave her a piggy back ride for a while and then she was good to finish!




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