Why Young Living

For those who don’t know, I am a big believer in essential oils. I use them nearly every single day, in one way or another. For those who don’t want to learn about essential oils, skip this post! I promise you this blog won’t turn into oil posts only! Just the occasional one.

For those who don’t follow me on instagram, I am offering a free 15ml lemon oil to those who choose to sign up with as a distributor! I originally said it was only for January, but now i’m extending it.

Why am I offering this and why Young Living.
I am offering a free lemon oil for a few different reasons.
First of all, I Love the oils. I use them everyday through cooking, health, and cleaning. The oils really do help us, health wise. I would love to help others incorporate Young Living oils in their own lives as well.
Secondly, the oils have such a range of uses. From using internally and externally for our health, to cooking, diffusing, cleaning and replacing a lot of your over the counter medicines with them! I think it’s safe to say that every single oil has more than 1 specific use.
For example, the peppermint oil is great for headache relief, stomach/digestive issues, sore muscles, sore throat, etc. So if you get one oil, it generally has many many different uses. If you get an oil for headaches but find that it doesn’t work for headaches, try it for something else. Just because peppermint may help me with headaches, doesn’t mean it’ll help you. We are all very different from one another, so who’s to say one oil will work on Everyone, the same way?!

Essential oils are becoming a bigger thing each and everyday. It’s so hard to know where to start, what brand, how to use it etc because there is just so much out there.
I have been using oils since I was a little girl, and because of this, I feel that I have acquired a good knowledge of the oils and how to use them and what for. There are Many many brands to choose from as well and that can be a little overwhelming.  I use Young Living because their oils are pure, no artificial flavourings, synthetic dyes, and the company has a great seed to seal  policy which guarantees the purest products. Young Living also has done a bunch of research backing up their products and therefore you can be reassured that you’re paying for quality.

Another reason why I love YL is because their oils don’t come with warnings or precautions, especially when it comes to using on children. Some other products have warnings not to take internally. That’s scary because if they’re only used on our skin, well it’s getting into our bodies as our skin is a huge organ! Overall, I am hoping I can help others incorporate essentials more and more into their lives and lifestyles. There are so many benefits that come from using oils and I hope others can benefit too!
*I speak only of Young Living oils because they’re the only oils I’ve ever tried. I’m not saying Doterra, or other brands are bad, but I’m just stating the experience I’ve had with Young Living*

As mentioned above, I’m a huge supporter and user of YL oils. I am hoping to help others learn to love them too. I am offering a free 15ml lemon oil as part of signing up with me as a distributor by buying a premium kit.  There are a few starter kits available, but in my personal opinion, I believe the premium kit is the best deal to get you started.
It comes with a diffuser, the everyday oils collection, 2 samples of the NingXia red, 10 little oil samplers, and a lot of information to get you started. This retails for $261, wholesales for $199, but is available for $150! Really is a good deal.
Once signed up as a wholesale distributor with me, you will receive:
-Wholesale prices (24% off customer retail)
-Option to sign up for Essential Rewards (flat-rate shipping, free product)
-help and support from yours truly
You Never have to sell anything to anyone, and there are no monthly minimums or requirements. To remain a wholesale customer, you just need to purchase $50 a year. That’s it!

If you wish to purchase a starter kit as a wholesale member or have any sort of question, please send me an email at jn13smith@gmail.com


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