This Weekend


Once upon a time I said I was going to do weekly posts, summarizing the week. Maybe it was weekend. Either way, I think I did just the one post. So let’s call this, the weekend post, but let’s not call it a weekly happening.
Saturday mornings are the one day to sleep in. For me, 7:30 is sleeping in. I generally wake, hear the roosters crowing in their coop, and then decide to be kind and let them out, and the dogs, if they’re in the shop. When I come back inside, I’m ready to start my day. Jed on the other hand, is not. He generally wakes up to the smell of breakfast cooking. I still have dreams about ME waking up to breakfast cooking…

it’s been a long long time since my egg tray has been filled. My favourite kind of problem
fixing fences for when the cows are calving up closer

We (Jed+me, Jake+Jessica+children) eventually get outside and feed all the cattle so my father in law has a day off (from feeding cattle…do ranchers ever just take a day off?!).  Little Trexton was whining in the truck while we were feeding hay so him and I started walking back home. I forgot that you have to wait for the heifers to finish eating their grains so that they can find you waiting for their hay. That meant Trexton and I walked I would say nearly half a mile. When I saw we, I mean I carried him. He fell asleep, and the next day my arms felt like sleeping too!

We had to go bring in some 2 year olds that had got with the older cows. The 2 year olds will be starting to calve here pretty soon so wanted them closer to the house. I always ride with Jed on the four wheeler, and hang on tight! Here he was supposed to be looking for some 2 year olds but had found Pet, the 12 year old cow who likes being petted, so gave her a good petting!

IMG_3828 IMG_3827
The chickens have been LOVING this super warm winter we’ve been having. They’ve been roaming all over the place. You never know where they’ll be. I went to get in my car the other day and they were all roaming around the vehicles! I’ve also been getting a lot more eggs lately. Got 10 the other day!


I had gone to town to get our bountiful basket and when I was on my way home, the sky was just beautiful. It had been mostly over cast most of the day, but the sun managed to peak through the clouds right before it left us for the night. It left a beautiful haze on the hills to the right and then there was a double rainbow, both ends in sight, right behind me. Pictures, as usual, never do justice.


Our bountiful basket this week was great! I absolutely LOVE bountiful baskets.  All this pictured (except the box of oranges) was only $30!


And the chicken whisperer. She could, does, play in the chickens area for an hour at least! She talks with them, tries to catch them, puts some of their non eaten compost food into their water dish, despite what I say! Here she was taking water Out of their dish and making puddles or whatever a 3 year olds mind can come up with!


This weekend was like any other. Helped get ready for calving, Jed got his nap, late breakfasts, special breakfasts, late lunches, relaxed afternoons. Pretty soon we will be run over with all the calving and calves going on, so we will enjoy a more relaxed weekend while we can!


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