Skillet Frittata

I had seen a recipe for a skillet frittata. I hadn’t ever made a quiche/fritata before so was anxious to try it. And because it was a cast iron recipe, I was even more anxious! It turned out great!

What I did:

  • cooked up some potatoes until they were just about fork tender in my 12″ skillet. Added some chunks of already cooked sausages to it because I married a rancher and meat belongs in Every meal.
  • put some whole cabbage leaves over the potatoes+sausage.
  • added cheeses on top
  • added sauted veggies on top (we had leek, carrot, garlic and cabbage)
  • and then finally add a dozen whisked eggs over it all!
  • bake in 350 degree oven about 20-25 minutes

  • it’s most definitely going to be a good summer meal with fresh garden produce!

Happy Spring! 

  • •I’ve been thinking I should update this blog for quite a while but I’ve been so busy it’s just been on the back burner.
  • I’ve also decided that writing in bulleted form is the best. It makes my random thoughts appear more organized and justified

•With the weather being so beautiful out, I’ve been finding it hard to be inside for long periods of time.

•I have 8 aprons that should and could be done by now but, they aren’t since I’ve been outside and size I had broke my last needle on Friday

•We’ve spotted the bulbs we planted last year, all starting to pop up!

•Rhubarb has surfaced and I’m waiting for my garlic to pop up too.

•We’ve decided to til up a little more of my garden that is just grass/weeds. I’ve spent a little bit of time raking that area, getting the tumbleweed and sticks out of it.

•I’ve started taking the straw/poop out of my chicken coop and dumping onto the garden, where the corn will be as it likes the nitrogen. I’ll be putting sand in my coop for the summer. I did that last summer and loved it. It keeps the smell down and keeps it somewhat cooler

•the chickens have been Loving this weather and been allllll over the place! I’ve also been getting a lot more eggs…11 one day which is a great improvement from 2

•25 more chicks arrive on April 8!!

•my tomato seedlings have nearl all come up while my peppers are just struggling! (My tomatoes are way way bigger than this picture!)

•I have been bugging jed to make me a cold frame. He doesn’t like his precious window sills being taken over by tomato plants come April and early May. So we dug out some old windows here (from 1860!) and found some old wood and old hinges and made me two wonderful cold frames! When we were putting them in place, we had the help of two small children and a chicken

•and the calves. Got maybe 50 or so left to calve out still

•spring means new life, and warmer weather which we have here. New chicks and calves, new bulbs coming up and of course some gorgeous weather! Happy spring!