Why hello little forgotten blog.
I’ve actually been super busy, so it’s a justified negligence. We’ve been super busy with calving so that just eats away at your time. Jed had been home for about a week before we went to Mexico, so if he was outside, I was too. Our house is in desperate need of a good sweep, mop and dusting. Basically, it’s needing a good spring cleaning. One of these days.
Anyways. We managed to sneak away and meet my parents in Mexico for a week! We spent 4 days in Cancun and 4 days in Cozumel. We enjoyed the much needed break.

A little heads up: we suck at taking ‘selfies’. I blame the fact that Jed is 13″ taller than me which means I’m often chopped right out of the picture!


The day after we landed, we had to go to a time share spiel. They provided us with a delicious breakfast and beautiful scenery.  Luckily for us, we didn’t even qualify for getting that time share, so we just tagged along with my parents, and soaked in the views!


We took a boat right to Isla Mujeres one day. The water IS as blue and beautiful as it looks! They said that there have been 8 shades of blue counted between the mainland and the Isla, which is not that far at all!


We also did the Chichen Itza tour. It was a 3 hour bus ride out to the ruins, but worth every penny! We had great tour guides which made us feel a bit more educated. The ruins themselves were amazing. It’s hard to fathom that the ruins were all made, carved, stacked, etc, without Any power tools.
The Chichen Itza one itself (the biggest, main one) is a Mayan calendar.  Sort of cool how there are 52 ‘things’ (for lack of a better word?!) that signify the 52 weeks in a year, and they’ve incorporated the amounts of months, days, weeks, etc into it. On the big ruin itself, they made/designed it so that on March 21 (and a few days before and after) that the sun will shine, and cast its shadow lighting up the snakes (carved into the rocks) head!
Ok. Let’s hope this is accurate. More or less, but you get the gist of it!

IMG_4400 IMG_4404

Jed Loved the ruins. I definitely enjoyed them, but i’m not so much a history person so once I saw a few, I was good to go! And really, I’ve seen Machu Picchu, the mother of all ruins; you can’t top that! Mind you, Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza are VERY different.
But still rocks. Ok. I’m done.


Our tour also included lunch. An amazing buffet spread I might add. I found some delicious coconut icecream which I obviously had 2 helpings of.

And the Mexican tiles. I just LOVE it. Whenever we build, I’m determined to find some Mexican tile and put in a bathroom or 10. It’s filled with so much colour and patterns!

Now Cozumel! We took a 45 boat ride across to Cozumel. We had gone there when I was in grade 12 and we really liked it. Plus my dad is a scuba diver, and Cozumel has some of the best diving in the world.
When we first arrived, my dad took off to scout out some dive shops. My mom, Jed and myself went to eat some food. The ocean was just underneath us!


We rented a jeep one day and drove around the island. We found a place to snorkel, and then found an amazing beach. Well re-found.  We found it when we were here last time, so went to find it. A layer of crunchy sea weed had come to beach there, but that was just fine. The water was super warm, and the waves were great for boogie/body surfing!

IMG_4479 IMG_4535

We had one day or so that we just lounged. Dad went diving so we hung around the beautiful garden hotel we stayed at. My mom and I played bananagrams, but Jed couldn’t play because he thought we were cheaters. But really, we just know more scrabble-allowed words than him!


IMG_4554 IMG_4568


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