Skillet Frittata

I had seen a recipe for a skillet frittata. I hadn’t ever made a quiche/fritata before so was anxious to try it. And because it was a cast iron recipe, I was even more anxious! It turned out great!

What I did:

  • cooked up some potatoes until they were just about fork tender in my 12″ skillet. Added some chunks of already cooked sausages to it because I married a rancher and meat belongs in Every meal.
  • put some whole cabbage leaves over the potatoes+sausage.
  • added cheeses on top
  • added sauted veggies on top (we had leek, carrot, garlic and cabbage)
  • and then finally add a dozen whisked eggs over it all!
  • bake in 350 degree oven about 20-25 minutes

  • it’s most definitely going to be a good summer meal with fresh garden produce!

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