The Ruffled Chick

For those who read this blog, you may be aware that I make aprons! I decided to make a Facebook page and an instagram account for my apron business. This way my personal feeds won’t be getting clogged up with ruffles!


It all started by stepping into a fabric store and seeing the hundreds of adorable fabrics available.  I chose some fabric and decided to make my sister an apron! That apron got lots of positive feedback and I made a few more from there to sell.  It was a great winter project for me to keep me busy. I wasn’t going to do any aprons in the spring/summer, but here I am; 6 aprons on the go! I am taking orders to make more aprons, and I may just regret this! However, our summers get Super hot so it’ll force me to stay inside for longer periods of time! (However, I’m hoping to have these aprons all done soonish.)

all ironed, hemmed and sewn!

I wanted to write a breakdown of each apron, the work required and the cost.
I used to wash all the new fabric in like colours, then snip alllll the threads, and then iron. However, where I buy my fabric, they informed me it’s a good enough quality fabric that it doesn’t need a prewashing. So that saved me a LOT of time. Plus I hate ironing so I was obviously pleased to hear that.

Each apron has 4 ruffles, usually of 4 different patterns; 2 more ‘loud’ fabrics and 2 more ‘quieter’ fabrics. This fabric is a cotton. The apron base/form/body is usually a canvas/duck material or twill (I believe that’s what it is!).
The aprons have the 2 ties, a neck piece, a waist band and fancy stitching along the top.
Here is a breakdown of what I usually do, the order varies a bit:
1) cut each fabric that will be for the ruffles (4 ruffles an apron x maybe 5 aprons I make at once=20 pieces to cut, iron, sew, and ruffle)
2) each ruffle piece is ironed. I iron about 1/4″ on all 4 sides, and then iron it over again to give it all a finished edge.
3) then each ironed hem piece is sewn
4) ruffle each ruffle material!
5) cut out the apron form
6) hem it, same as above; 1/4″ ironed, and then folded over again to give a finished edge
7) sew the hem
Once all the ironing and base sewing is done, I feel like i’m over the worst part!
8) pin+sew each ruffle to apron base
9) make the ties: 2 ties per apron, each piece is cut out, ironed in half, inside out, sewn along the open edge, and then folded the right way, and then ironed flat!
10) make the neck pieces/straps. Same concept as above
11) make the waist bands (same concept too)
12) attach the waist band, side ties and neck straps

At this point, I consider the aprons nearly done. They’re wearable. The only thing left is to do the fancy stitching along the top. I don’t have a fancy machine that does this, but a dear friend of ours does and has me come use her machine to do the fancy stitching. Her machine does flowers, arrows, and other kinds of stitching. SO cool. One day I may have a machine like that!

So this is how I make an apron! Lots of time+work put into them. I do them all at once. So this last batch of aprons, I was ironing+hemming+ruffling 28 ruffles at a time!

We live about 3 hours from the nearest big fabric store. We don’t go to these cities a Lot. Every few months or so. Therefore, I’ll only be making apron whenever I can stock up on fabric.

I ask $45 an apron. This includes shipping (both Canada+USA). If you are local or are buying more than one apron, I can work out a special price for you!

I’m sure I forgot some information, but if there are any more questions please let me know! Email:
If you are on facebook or instagram, Please follow “The Ruffled Chick” to see my work in progress, finished aprons, new fabric, sales, and more!


My life, as it seems right now

I think I open this blog every single night, look at the last post, think I should put up another post and then never do.
The reason being, is that our internet is fairly crappy, for the majority of the time. Therefore, when Jed is on his computer in the evening, and if i’m trying to upload pictures to here, he knows when I am because the internet practically dies. I rarely rarely rarely turn my computer on during the day and don’t update my blog from my phone! So that is why it’s not quite a month from the last post.


Every day seems to get busier and busier. And I love it. Because I’ve realized that the more I do, the more energy I have to do more! Sitting around generally only happens in the evening with me!

Here is what a ‘typical’ day in the life of Me looks like! I use the word typical, Very lightly because I have learned that you Never know what is going to happen on the ranch! There’s always people and machines and trucks coming and going and calves being born (nearly done!) and needing tagged+weighed which can always lead to more. etc etc etc.
-I wake up lately around 7:10. I get my cast iron heating up, go let my chickens out and the dogs out, come back inside and make Jed breakfast. I sometimes eat with him, sometimes not.
-After eating+dishes cleaned up, we head outside to fork up the bulls hay. Jed then goes to work (working for his parents doing a bedroom reno for them, so he’s nice and close!)
-I go make sure my chickens, chicks, dogs all have water+food. It’s been fairly nice out so I’ve been able to spend time in my garden. Weeding as usual.
Mornings are my favourite because the wind hasn’t picked up, usually, the day is still calm and quiet and you can see everything start to wake up. The bulls start mooing when they hear the feed truck come, same with the cows+calves and the dogs start following the truck so they can get closer to cows without getting into trouble!
-once the garden is weeded, watered (if needed) I usually head inside and start sewing. I’ve been making more aprons so always have something to sew!
-I try and go and get the mail the 3x a week it comes. It’s a mile there and a mile back so the dogs and I Love the walk!
-After my mail getting I usually end up in the garden pulling more weeds, checking the chicks+chickens. The chicks go through So much food! I have 17 chicks left and they are little piggies it seems! Mind you, their food container is little and there Are 17 chicks! I usually end up wandering around outside, maybe cleaning the chicken area, or watering my seedlings or checking on my plants in my grow up. Usually outside or inside sewing.
-Jed eats lunch around noonishy so of course I make him and me a lunch.
-after lunch I end up in the garden, or back outside. As i’m writing this, I realize how vague my day sounds! But between cleaning up after a meal, preparing for a meal, doing laundry, cleaning house, and outside stuff, my day is fairly full! Every 2 weeks I go and clean for Jed’s grandparents in the afternoon. And usually once a week I end up going to town. Getting the odd grocery, going to the post office, the thrift store, etc.
-Jed usually finishes up working around 5 or so. We go push up hay again, or sometimes weigh a new calf. I usually manage to drag Jed out to my garden every day or other day. To show him what’s new in there. He acts thrilled but I can tell it’s a forced thrilled. He’s happy I’m happy and I guess that’s it!
-I also usually try and take the dogs out for a walk everyday. Usually try. Since my brother in law saw a snake already, my walks have been strictly on the driveway! We (me+dogs) love walking through the pastures as there are wildflowers to spot, and for the dogs they love chasing rabbits and sniffing out every rock area. But these walks are only a seasonal thing..fall-spring. No summer walks as that’s when the snakes are out!
-I think that’s my day. But always something new, random and unexpected! This past Saturday, we went to fix a bloated bull. My father in law tubed it, like 5x or so, and no luck. (Putting a tube down it’s throat, to it’s stomach to release the gases)So he went to get a longer tube. Meanwhile, Jed and I were waiting and the pull starts to gag/puke/choke. No sound, just the action. I ran and told my father in law he better hurry. We came back, I got back like 10 steps ahead of him, i saw the bull move, my father in law goes to put the longer tube in him, and the bull had died!! He cut him open to see if he had wire or something in him, and everything looked normal, so it was a random/quick/unexpected death. Sad sad.
After that Jed and I went to the local community auction where I scored an antique scale and Jed got a few tools. I had never gone to an auction here so that was new+fun! This week we are off to Bozeman to a tile conference. I think i’ll be doing a lot of wandering around on my own, but that’s fine. I”m hoping to get to a fabric store and spend as long as I want there without a Mr. waiting for me!
-and this last picture: Donkey basketball. I had NO clue such a thing existed! It’s just what it sounds like. 4 players on a team, each on their own donkey. They have to stay connected to the donkey, while trying to play basketball! However, if they get the ball, they can hold it, and hope their donkey will run when they want it to, where they want it to, in a quick matter before the opposing team gets to them! Hilarious to watch!
Basically, this sums up my life. The only thing I realized that I didn’t mention was the niece and nephew who I also spend time with. (And their mama of course). We weed the garden together, and go for walks, etc etc etc.
You just never know what will happen around here!