Why This Blog is Neglected

Hello little neglected blog.
I remember a last post (or two) that I wrote in point form and quite liked it. Let the consistency continue.
It’s been quite a while since I last was on here so allow me to justify it:

  • I’ve been busy. (haven’t we all). I finished up 7 aprons, and got nearly all of them mailed out
  • my husband has been working right here, doing a reno for his parents, so  we he can sleep in a little longer. Which means our day gets a wee bit shorter. I think. I also don’t have to pack him a lunch and that is wonderful. But he still needs a lunch. But that’s ok.
  • It’s been nicer outside so I have been in the garden. Got the peas planted, strawberries unearthed, weeds pulled, (but we all know that’s never ending) and some general spring clean up (which isn’t done yet)
  • we’ve transplanted some of the tomatoes, and today I transplanted tomatillos, cabbage, broccoli, and some gourds
  • we’ve been doing some recent cow work; bull testing, and freeze branding the yearling bulls so that each takes a day
  • I feel like I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen than usual. I keep thinking how I should clock myself to see how much time I really do spend in my little kitchen.
  • Jed (and myself. who am I kidding) have discovered the deliciousness of a no knead artisan bread. In Jed’s words “I could eat a whole loaf of it right now. You need to make new stuff every two days”. So I’ve been doing that. The 3 minutes it makes to mix the ingredients, the 12-24 hours it has to sit still for, and the 30 minutes it has to bake for.
  • I have 25 chicks arriving on Wednesday so I’ve been ‘busy’ getting their little area ready. Not really.
  • I also have been cleaning for Jed’s grandma once a week for an afternoon. So that is always fun! (and no, i’m not being sarcastic!)
  • and my walks. I have been going for walks, or trying to. There are 3 dogs, and 1 particularly who LOVES our walks so we try and go through some pastures at least once a day!
  • I feel like this is not much that keeps me busy, but it does add up I believe. I don’t spend much time sitting around doing nothing
  • and finally. The last reason this blog has been neglected:   I update my blog from my computer. So I have to upload my pictures from my phone to my computer. However, our cords to connect it with don’t work. This is why: I searched amazon for cheap iphone charger cords because ours were all falling apart and we are due for new phones next week so didn’t want to spend $$$ on a cord. I found 6 cords for $3 (including shipping). I was so proud of this deal I found. We have amazon prime (free, two day shipping to our door) but these weren’t off prime, which is fine as we weren’t completely without a cord. Fast forward like 5-6 weeks, and the cords arrived. From China. Complete with Chinese postage and writing on the package. Long story short: these .50 chargers are as cheap as they cost and don’t connect my phone with my computer. I believe we have one ‘original’ charger cord which is in the truck so I never remember to bring it in to upload my pics from my phone to my computer.
  • To me, a blog post of mine just Has to have pictures. I always am taking pictures so might as well post them, right. Well I found 2 pictures that aren’t completely outdated.
  • One is of Nosy Nancy, being nosy as usual. It was also the golden hour so she looked extra golden.
  • The other picture is of my two garden helpers helping transplant tomatoes. One is a good little helper and the other is kind of destructive, as he’s a little too young yet to fully understand how fragile anything in the garden is. This particular day, he didn’t understand why he couldn’t dig where we had just planted the peas. And he couldn’t understand why he couldn’t walk across the bulbs coming up.
  • I may make him a bean and sunflower house and lock him in it! (Ha! Just kidding. I’m not That mean! He’s only 16 month!)




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