Busy May

I like how every post lately is about how busy I am. But that’s just life. I”m Very thankful I have found a lifestyle that not only keeps me busy, but keeps me truly happy and content with this place in life I have been given. I find that the more stuff I do, the more energy I have to do more stuff! Between the chickens, chicks, garden, niece+nephew, helping Jed with cow stuff, sewing, and then the everyday things like meals, dishes, cleaning and laundry, I keep very busy!

My garden so far has peas up, onions are in, (all 400+ of them!), lettuce+greens, beets, potatoes are up, along with the tulips slowly getting ready to burst open, the rhubarb is huge (not very red though..), the garlic is thriving, and my strawberries are beautiful! I can’t wait to get everything else planted in!

Without overloading this post with pictures, I tried to pick a few of what I’ve been busy with lately. Aside from my apron making.

Nosy Nancy is still a friendly sociable one.. Always will run out and great me! Above she was peering into the cold frame where my tomatoes, peppers, cauliflower,cabbage, broccoli and i’m not sure what else is in there, are! IMG_6177
So far we’ve had a yellow, white and red tulip open. There are pink and purple and orange ones about to open once the sun comes back
IMG_6210 IMG_6223  IMG_6299
Sassie the truck dog, loving her life!
The children and I were enjoying the garden while their mom painted, and my mom suffered through some snow!
IMG_6367 IMG_6368
My cousin and his kind friend Sheldon stopped by for supper+the night. SO glad they thought of us and came to our place!

We were supposed to brand this past Saturday but it rained, so branding is this Saturday, following some AI-ing of the heifers, and the cows. So, many cow days ahead!


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