I recently met a new friend here who has inspired me so much just to be embracing this lifestyle that I have been lucky enough to be a part of. A lifestyle which many or at least some wish for but for new, I really wasn’t given much choice! I married a rancher man and we now live on the family ranch spot just seemed like the obvious thing to garden, have chickens etc! Little did I know, it would be something that I love and helped me define or find who I am!   

A life of gardening, preserving the garden bounty; freezing, dehydrating and canning, chickens, gathering their eggs, walks through the pastures, cooking, new experiments in the kitchen and the list can go on. It can be called homesteading but I just have trouble calling myself a homesteader because to me homesteading is an old thing, a thing of the past. But then fast forward to 50 years from now where my grandkids could be learning of me and my husband starting out and learning the simple basics which seem to be forgotten in the busyness of today’s society. If we want our kids to know the art and love and importance of homesteading they have to learn from example, from their own life experiences that are passed down from generation to generation.   

But it is something I have come to love. And is So satisfying and fulfilling. Nothing is better than opening a jar of canned tomatoes in the middle of a winter storm and remembering that well, probably a year ago those tomatoes were seeds in packets spread all over my kitchen table as I was about to start planting the seeds. And that those seeds then grew on our windowsills and then finally got transplanted and babied in the garden and then finally started blossoming and then turning into tomatoes and then we’re ready to picked and harvested. It is so satisfying!   

I’ve come to love my chickens, ask my husband. He hears about my chickens when he comes home like some wives would tell their husbands about their kids at the end of the day! 

All in all, I hope to keep up with this blog and share more about what life is like living in the middle of nowhere yet how I manage to keep busy, happy and content! Let’s just hope I post more that every 6 months ha!