I have a chicken named Red. She is Nosy Nancy’s friend. She is as friendly as Nosy except friendlier. If the shop door gets left open/is open, she is in the shop.


She often is found sitting up on the shelf right outside our door. The shelf which holds Jeds plans for a workbench he is making. Luckily for him, and Red, she hasn’t pooped on the plans yet. 

No matter how many times we kick her out, or the dog herds her out, she comes back in. 

Apparently she likes the dog food…

 She has taught Nosy to come into the shop too. But Nosy knows better than to come in by herself.  
Last week I was busy sewing inside and Jed was working on his table out in the shop and then he opens the door and had Red because she wouldn’t leave him alone ha! 

I swear I’m not a crazy chicken lady. Get your own chickens and you will be able to notice how they all have different personalities! Some more obvious than others! But even Jed loves the chickens. I mean just look at that proud look on his fac! Normally the chickens don’t let him catch them but Red must like him, or his workbench plans ha!! 


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