Fridays Favourite- no.1

Its nearly past Thursday, buuuut it’s still Thursday so it still counts! It never seems like there’s a ‘good’ time to post a blog. Better now than never!
I’ve wanted to make a weekly post, to help keep my accountable! So to start with: Fridays Favourites! My 3 fav’s lately. The past week. The past who knows.

1. This dog. I’ve never had a dog who was Mine. This little dog is Mine! She knows how to get into the shop, to sit by our door, if the shop door isn’t completely shut. And she wont leave the shop, usually, unless i’m with her. And even then she has become wise and knows that sometimes I walk outside, just to make her get outside for a bit! When I go to lock my chickens up, she would come with me, but lately she has learned that I don’t slam shut the shop door. So she will walk half way ahead of me, (I”m thinking she’s gone ahead and is laying on her spot under the chicken ramp) but then turns back and sneaks into the shop!
This week Jed has been working on the ranch for+with his dad and she has been spending time with Jed when they’re working. Today I worked, and when I went to see Jed outside, Jed+Sassie were hauling gravel in a big truck and sassie saw me and got all stoked. I was feeding hay and she raced over for some lovin’! We are the best pals.


2. thanks to daylight savings, when I get up to make breakfast, the sun is just about to rise and show it’s beauty!


3. lately i’ve really been enjoying meal prep+making. Jed had been gone for a week, so I didn’t cook myself a fancy meal, aka a chunk of meat. Now that he’s been home, I’ve been really enjoying trying new recipes, meal planning, and of course any kitchen prep!
IMG_3617 IMG_3612 IMG_3494


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