Canning Tomatoes 

I love canning. I love the whole process of it. I love that in a way, it starts back in February when I start tomato plants, with canning them in mind, just 8 months later.

I think I planted around 30-40 plants this year. Well, that many survived. It seems like a lot but when I was able to eat fresh ones to my hearts content, share them, make sauces and then can them, it’s a good amount. This year I canned up 28 jars of chopped up tomatoes. Plus some sauce too!

I don’t know how some manage to be able to can alllll their tomatoes at the same time. Mine are Never All ripe and ready to go into the canner! I think I’ve canned some up 3 or 4 different times this season! Which is fine by me because I looove the canning!

Nothing beats being able to open a jar of tomatoes, that I have watched in its every stage of its little tomato life, in the middle of the winter for a hot soup on a cold day!


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