Fridays Favourites-no2

  1. I’ve been working on a bunch of aprons since September. They are “finally” done. {just have to snip the threads}. I’m putting some in a craft show this weekend with my friend. We are putting in some canned cranberry sauce, hand made letters, fresh bread, my aprons, some scarves and not sure what else! Will see how it goes!
  2. Jed just bought me my first pair of cowboy boots. I maybe shouldn’t have publicized it since I’ve had my own opinions regarding the price of cowboy boots and how many {girls} where them as a fashion accessory! Yet they’re meant to be worked in. in through the cow poop. the pokey straw and hay. keep the dust out. and keep your feet protected against snakes! annnywayyyss. having married a rancher and living on a ranch, i’ve realized just how i really could use a pair! Jed more so was insisting on me getting some. So he did! He picked out the most beautiful pair of boots Ever! probably too nice and i’ll end up wearing them not as ranch boots…yeah, i know. eating my words.
  3. i’m obsessed with soup. i have been making 2 pots a week lately it seems. and thank the goodness that jed likes soup too! best thing about him. ha!! the leftovers in a pint jar are perfect for my lunch the next day too!
    Tonight it was cheeseburger soup. yum!

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