Apron Favourites

I thought I would do a post on my favourite aprons to date. But then once going through my pictures, I realized I love them all.
The majority of these aprons I have made for friends+family. So I know who is getting the apron and I may not love the fabric, but I may love how perfect it is for the recipient!  Its funny how it works. I choose fabric that I like. I don’t choose fabric that is ugly, in my opinion! I choose fabric which matches, goes and is what the customer wanted, more or less. It seems that even though I may not be a pink or purple girl that I love the outcome! Guess that just goes to show that I just love the whole process of the apron making! So thank YOU for supporting me! It may not bring in a whole bunch of money, but it allows me to buy lots of fabric that is extremely tempting at fabric stores, and keeps me busy so I don’t go crazy!

I have made I think 4 aprons with these fabrics/colour combinations. They are by far one of my favourite combinations.
I LOVE how these animal ones turned out! I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant when I was choosing the fabric because I felt it just wasn’t Quite Quite right. But then I made the aprons and don’t think I would change a thing about these adorable matching mom and girl aprons!
I have a few different yet similar aprons like this…soft and feminine colours. They’ve been fairly popular and I had always wanted to make one since I love how they look, even though they aren’t “me”!
And of course my Own apron. I decided I needed at least one of my own aprons to start with. Do you know how hard it is to choose fabric for an apron for yourself?! Near impossible. I like blues, and turquoises, and yellows and then i’ll see something totally different yet love that! But I stuck to grey+yellow because that’s one combination I’ve loved for years. Our wedding colours were turquoise, yellow and grey, I have turquoise+yellow dishes, and other things. But chose to stick to just grey and yellow since there was tons of fabric to go!  I do need to make myself another apron that is in darker colours for when I make anything chocolate, tomato, or basically anything that isn’t flour ha! My apron is already getting stained, which is a good thing since that means it’s being used! And I wear my apron ALL the time!
And this little halfie. I love the halfies! I think they’re just darling. This just looks like the happiest apron ever!
And this one. I just LOVED this one so much! I think its that turquoise fabric that I just love. And i’m kicking myself I didn’t get a better picture. gr. Maybe one day I’ll have better lighting in my house to take apron pics!

These are some of my favourites. And I feel that that’s hardly the truth since I like them all! Hard to have favourites when you get to choose the fabric yourself!


Friday Favourites-No4

35 minutes until Saturday.

So if this post is short, that is why.

1)This sunrise. Need I say anymore?


2. my dad who sends me flowers every year for my birthday! sorry for the poor picture..

3. this dog thinking she is a goat, hopping up on top of things. she’s my favourite.
IMG_4263and it’s still Friday. hurrah for pictures doing the talking+explaining!