December Days

Lately, I’ve been working 2x a week, and the days i’m not working, I’ve been sewing. However. Today that didn’t happen. I didn’t work nor did I sew. And it was wonderful. I organized some shelves, did the laundry, changed the bed sheets, deep cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed. When you have zero carpets/rugs in your house, its insane how dirty your floor gets. It’s also insane to think of just how dirty carpets are….
My husband has been working out of town for the last while so I really haven’t been in the kitchen making meals. I can survive on soup and the same leftovers for the week but he can’t. He’s spoiled. But so am I.
But today I was able to get my kitchen nice and dirty again!

Last night I put the turkey bones into the crockpot with the (frozen) broth I had saved from last years turkey. This morning I took the bones out, added some garden grown onions, carrots, and corn, more turkey, some lentils and some basil, oregano, garlic, salt and pepper. SO GOOD.

Jam tarts. Since moving to the states, I have never yet found frozen tart shells. Well I did once.  A pack of 4. ha! So I decided I would attempt to make some tart shells. Absolute FAIL. So then I decided to get my mom to bring some down when they came this fall. And today those tart shells finally got a better purpose than sitting in the freezer: JAM TARTS! So tasty!



And our walks. Of course. I walked to get the mail (1 mile there, 1 mile back) and then we, (me and a trio of dogs) went for an hour long walk this afternoon. The dogs just LOVE love it. They smile the Whole time and Never walk. Just run everywhere since there’s soooo many bushes and holes to find rabbits in!
This little dog likes to wander the most, but she usually always finds the rest of us and ‘checks in’ with me and then is off to explore. I was trying to get a nice photo with her but I was keeping my distance since she was fairly excited and likes to lick!
The sunrise and sunset today was beautiful! That is Red posing.

I currently have some delicious applesauce in the crockpot and bread ready to be baked and a supper to make for a hungry husband who is on his way home! These kind of days are my favourite kind of days. Makes me realize how I need to simply take a day off of sewing and clean, cook, bake, organize and purge!
Happy Friday!


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