Fridays Favourites-No3

  1. I’ve finally got back into my walk routine! I’ve been busy busy sewing up a bunch of aprons, but have realized the importance of taking a break and getting fresh air.
    If it weren’t for this pack of dogs and their immense love for exploring the hills and rocks, I can guarantee I wouldn’t be walking as much as I do/try to. But those dog smiles come on their faces the minute they see me bundled up and telling them “lets go for a walk!” in the most excited tone to rile them up!
    (there is a third dog who comes with us, Izzy, but Sassie is a butthead/territorial/alpha/jealous/protective dog and doesn’t like when Izzy gets too close to herself, me or her brother Dan, so she simply keeps her distance)
    IMG_40332. Check out my etsy store! I’ve put up a few aprons and scarves that I had been working on for the last few months. I’ll be adding to it hopefully pronto! (it’s just a slow process adding stuff to etsy so it’s not very far on my priority list :s )
    3. I was having trouble finding a number 3 since basically all I’ve done is sewn, worked, and sewn more. My husband has been out of town working so I don’t even have meals to make for him. (I can survive on cheese and crackers and salads for meals but he can’t!)  I’ve just had tons of sewing time!
    But then I remembered my chickens. And how I visit them frequently. I think Everyone should have chickens. I just love mine!
    This photo was taken on Thanksgiving. They were extra thankful they were chickens and not turkeys! IMG_3967

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