Apron Making

For those who don’t follow me on social media, I make adorable ruffled aprons! I started making them, well almost a year ago I believe.
Since I started making them, I’ve been able to make them steady. I didn’t really make any in the spring so much since I was busy with my garden and simply enjoying spring.
I worked on the odd one throughout the summer just because it was too hot to be outside all the time! Here is just some of the ones I’ve made more recently. Actually these aren’t even super recent!

I made 2 of these grey and pink aprons since the first one got so much love and attention! I love how they turned out!
This obviously isn’t an apron. But it has ruffles! Someone had given me a pair of jeans to turn into a skirt and this was the outcome! I loooove the fabric they gave me to use! Jeans into skirts are a Lot more work, and I learned that I much prefer working with aprons!

I looove this one as well. Well, I love every apron I make. There was only one that I can’t say I Loved! But, I love how it turned out and the customer loved it, and that’s all that matters!
If you know me, I’m not a soft, pastel loving girl. Yet I love this one, just not for me! It has a happy home!
This is a full length one, and is for sale, up on my etsy page. I have two like this actually. I love the colouring of this one. Check it, and others out at:

This is what I’ve been up to, really and truly. I work 2x a week, and then make aprons when I’m not working. Don’t worry, meals get made, the house gets cleaned, laundry gets done, etc. Sewing is my hobby so I do it when the chores are done!

{If you’re on social media, find my aprons on facebook+instagram at “The Ruffled Chick” to keep up to date with my makings!}


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