2015 Year Review

I love reflecting back over the year and seeing what happened each month. It seems as though there is something always happening around here!

January: it was an extremely warm January, at least a good portion of it. It was just flannel shirt (or pajama) weather! I went on lots of my pasture walks with the trio of dogs and occasionally a small child. She’s a trooper!
Those nap pillows are the first sewing project I made. Jed wanted some nap pillows so we bought the pillow forms, some flannel, and some canvas and I made some simple slip covers!

February: I almost forgot that it was February that we met my parents in Mexico for a week…That was a warm getaway! And while we were gone, a nice cold snap happened. February was also when the first calf was born on the ranch! The excitement for the first calf unfortunately does not last until the last calf, ha!
And eggs. The chickens picked up on laying so that was wonderful. Chickens LOVE warmer spring like days. They just take their chicken foraging job Very seriously.

March: March brought new life. New seedlings emerged, new calves were born. I went to some friends and ‘helped’ them shear their sheep. Really cool to watch! And then we had a mix up of weather it seemed. One day it was snowy, sunny, windy, cloudy, clear, all within 10 minutes of each other!

April: and things began to pick up in April. New chicks arrived, so that’s Obviously super exciting! Some friends started lambing and there’s Nothing cuter than little lambs! I unearthed my strawberries, transplanted seedlings, planted onions, and I believe April was when I really started making aprons!

May: so much went on in May. Seedlings went from the cold frame to the garden, everything I had planted earlier in April started to come up, onions began to take root and give the garden more green, the tulips+daffodils we planted in the fall were starting to bloom beautifully, the calves got branded, the cows got AI’d, and Rosco the mean rooster turned friendly on us, so that was a weird change! (I went from having 2 roosters, plus one chick that was a rooster to currently having zero roosters. I sure miss their crowing!)

June: I think June is one of my favourite months. But then I also really like May, so i’m not sure. But June is the month when the wildflowers are at their best, and when I got my first strawberries, and when everything is still green out. June is when the garden is getting well established, the lettuce and peas are ready to eat and it’s just new growth popping up everyday. June this year was also when my brother and his wife and daughter and my sister and her husband came down and saw us as they were passing through!

July: July is when we usually do a trip back home. We went up through Glacier Park and then Banff+Jasper and that made it a 3 day drive. Never again ha! We enjoyed our time with my family, but were ready to come home at the end of the trip. I had a garden waiting for me and a freshly hatched chick! My favourite chicken, Nosy Nancy, had been broody when I left and I knew she/eggs were due to hatch the week we were to come home. I got one little chick out of the 12 or so eggs she started on. It lived for oh a few weeks and then it just disappeared. 😦
A bit after we came home from Canada, we went to the BigHorn Mountains and camped out with some friends for a few days. It was SO pretty. ah.
And my garden. So green. So many flowers blooming. I was just obsessed.

August: August is a favourited month for this gardener.  The tomatoes needed picking nearly everyday, the flowers were just thriving, the onions were looking extra good, the corn is ready, (usually, except mine was a fail this past year), and peaches are in season to can. It’s just a busy month in the garden! Our newest niece arrived at the end of the month as well!


September: come September, I was about done with the garden. Gardening is a Lot of work! Down here you have to water daily, the corn I was watering twice a day, for the most part.  There was always something to pick, harvest, or rotate. I had a ridiculous amount of onions this year, {which a ton I had to giveaway since I learned the hard way that walla wallas are not storing onions} which required some work as well. I had made a bean teepee for the kids and it did amazing. They couldn’t really go inside it, but it looked so cool!
For the most part, September is the month of picking, storing or canning!
Plus I started part time work at a daycare too! Busy busy, but I love busy!

October: My parents came at the beginning of the month so that was a great start to the month! The chickens were laying good, including my new chicks, Jed shot some geese, and then my grandpa passed away so we flew up to Vancouver for the funeral and were able to spend a couple days with all my family. That was wonderful, despite the circumstances!

November: things seemed to have calmed down come November, which I was thankful for. Jed shot both an antelope and a deer, plus a few more geese to fill our freezer with. A friend and myself put some stuff in a local craft fair thing, so that was fun! And of course I was busy making aprons! I made myself take sewing breaks and take the dogs for a walk, they LOVE walks!

December: December was quiet, which is a change around here! Jed worked out of town for a few weeks so I was able to sew a lot more! (no man pleasing meals to make, able to leave my sewing mess on the kitchen table etc!) The sunsets and sunrises were just fabulous, and we even got some gorgeous snow days which made this winter girl all happy!

Going through all my pictures I realized that so much went on around here. But then I, myself, need to keep myself busy otherwise I would go insane. I’m so thankful I have my garden to keep me busy nearly 8 months of the year, from starting the seedlings to harvesting the produce. I’m thankful I have come to love walking through the pastures with absolutely no sign of civilization in site. I’m thankful for all my chickens whom I’ve come to love! And if you think i’m crazy, just get your own chickens. You’ll understand. I’m thankful I’ve learned to sew {aprons} because that is just So much fun!
I’m most thankful that I’ve come to love the process and the seasons. The season in late winter where I am able to start my seedlings. The season of early spring where I haul them out to my cold frame every day. The season of spring when they can put their roots deep into the garden. The season of late summer when everything is ready for harvest. The season of fall when canning/freezing/dehydrating the harvest is a daily project. This is the process I Love. It’s a whole lot of hard work but SO worth it! And as you can tell, based on my pictures, my life is sort of gardening!



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