My Feathered Friends

I feel as though the chickens haven’t graced this blog with their presence for a while. And that’s just sad because those chickens are a big part of my life, and my husbands life; when I drag him to visit the chickens with me.
So be prepared to read about my feathered little friends.

A brief recap of my chicken owning to start with.
First off, I never had chickens growing up nor did I Really know people with chickens. So I was never really exposed to chickens nor did I know Anything about them.
And then one day I decided I wanted chickens. I have nooo idea what gave me that bug, but I wanted chickens. So then my pinterest searching went to chicken research. And chicken coops. and chicken breeds. and how to care for chickens. and what to feed them. and everything else you can imagine. I never gave it up either. I think that was the key though. I told my husband, aka the money maker, the constructor of the coop, that I was serious about becoming a proud chicken owner.

My parents came down to visit us one winter, and the plan for my dad+Jed was to Build Wife/Daughter a chicken coop. And they did just that. Because my husband does construction for a living, to pay the bills, the coop was 8x8x8=maximizing each 4×8 sheet of plywood, minimizing cuts+waste. Despite there being a plethora of old windows laying around on the ranch, he bought new, cheap ones, because he didn’t want to deal with the crooked old window frames, or windows which wouldn’t open, ventilation, or would easily be broken into, by a raccoon. The door to the coop was one from a job he was on. The customers bought a brand new door and had no use for the old one. It was either go to the dump, or give to the chickens. It’s a beautiful door despite the dog scratch marks along the bottom. (That is for those who ask “What a beautiful door for a CHICKEN COOP!).
We used some scrap tin that was laying around here, scrap pieces of facia and soffit (sp?&sp?) and the nesting boxes+roosts were made from wood that had been bought to make a calf shelter but ended up sitting outside for a few years, slowly turning the flat boards nice and curvaceous.

The Coop

I got my first set of chicks in mid February. I had them in a box, under the heat lamp, in their coop. Then I put them in 1/4 of the coop, and then 1/2, and then the whole thing.
We I got the chicks in the beginning of calving time. When the cows calve and its really cold, we have to bring them into calf heaters in the shop so they can fully dry out. (Otherwise their ears+feet can freeze super quickly). At one point during calving+spring chick growth, the calf heaters were full, a section of the shop was barricaded for the partially dry ones, and then they threw another partially dry calf in half of the coop! It was about 11pm and Jed had to screw a board up in the coop dividing the chicks+calf! So the coop has also temporarily housed a calf.IMG_2410My first set of chicks started laying in July. And of course we were back in Canada for that moment. (However, gathering eggs is Just as wonderful now as it was for the Very first egg).
I ordered another batch of chicks in April and they started laying for me in August. And again, never gets tiring gathering eggs, and seeing who had started laying and what their egg looks like! I order chicks that are funny/interesting/unique looking, some good layers, and for egg colour. I currently have white, brown and blue layers, various tones of each.

A couple day worth of eggs

This June/July, my favourited hen, Nosy Nancy, went broody! What that means is that she is bound and determined to sit on a bunch of eggs until they hatch.  I had started writing and explaining it here, but figured it’s worthy of it’s own post…one day…

I currently now have 25 chickens. I believe they all lay eggs, but I haven’t been getting Huge numbers of eggs lately. Partly because the old ones are molting, its colder out and there’s less light. Regardless, we haven’t had to buy eggs for a year and a half, so that’s great!



I love love my chickens. I never understood why/how someone could looove chickens. Well let me tell you. They all have different personalities, they all are trained to come when I cluck my tongue, if they even as much Hear my voice, they race over to me, and they’re just entertaining to watch! I think Everyone needs chickens in their lives!



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