Evelyn the Mannequin

My sister in law has started a little mobile+online clothing boutique with the cutest+comfiest clothes! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1171644692863874/) She bought a mannequin to model the clothes for her and so kindly lets me use her, Evelyn, for my apron modelling!
Here are some of my most recent aprons I’ve made, and Evelyn modelling them for me!

I had to make myself another apron. I do tons of canning in the fall and found that tomatoes were staining my light coloured apron. So I made myself this one; chickens because I love my chickens, sunflowers because they’re I love them, and red to hide the stains! Totally not my colour or style, but it’ll hide all the canning stains. Plus you can never have too many aprons! 
I hadn’t poked the button holes through prior to taking this picture and didn’t realize until I was outside and trying to hurry! So I apologize for how the cat apron is awkwardly put on the mannequin 
You can never go wrong with red, grey, black and white! 
A matching ‘mommy and me’ set! 

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